About Jeannine Frazier

After graduating from the University of Oregon with a degree in Photography and Visual Design, I began my career as a Multimedia Artist, and ended up as a Design Director at Microsoft Studios. I've worked with digital multimedia in almost every way imaginable. I continued to pursue photography by keeping my own traditional (film-based) darkroom lab at home. I wanted to find a way to combine my passion for photography with my skills as a designer, so when digital photography reached a point where it became indistinguishable from traditional photography I started Delphena Digital.

About Delphena Digital

I combine my design and technical skills to create beautiful portraits which capture the uniqueness of your family. My focus is on creating simple, elegant, and artistic portraits of pregnancy, babies, children, and families. Having a new baby ourselves, our home-based studio offers a relaxing and friendly atmosphere for new parents and their babies. Clients can preview their proofs online within a few days of their session. Then an order can be placed with me via email or telephone.

The Difference between Professional Digital and Home Digital

A lot of people think, "why spend all that money on studio portraits, especially digital ones, when I can buy my own digital camera, shoot pictures, and have the prints developed at Costco?" 

  • I've had 10 years of experience in photography and digital multimedia - I know what makes a good shot; how to set up poses; how to use lighting; how to manage quality, color, and resolution; and how to achieve outstanding prints.

  • I've invested in all professional-grade equipment from start to finish. There is a huge quality difference between consumer digital equipment and professional digital equipment.

  • You leave this technical work to me, and you get priceless portrait heirlooms.

  • Our prints are archival quality and should last upwards of 75 years. You will probably not achieve this with Costco, or a  home-based printer.

Even more Digital Benefits

Digital photography has evolved so quickly over the last 5 years, it's become a whole new arena. It's finally on par with film on many levels, and many professional photographers are switching to digital. Here are some of the reasons I chose to use digital equipment:

  • Instant proofing capability

  • Shorter turn-around time  

  • No changing film every 3 minutes (we use 1 & 2GB cards)

  • Better image control, easy touch-up for blemishes & tattoos, etc.

  • No messy or toxic chemicals

  • Complete elimination of film scratches or dust

  • Precise color management

  • Reduced cost

  • DVD and CD archival media

  • Infinite life-span for the "negatives"


Here's what some of our clients say.

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