What should we wear?

When photographing infants and young babies, it's nice for the parents to wear dark, long sleeved tops to show off the babies beautiful skin.
 A soft blanket is great for newborns, so please bring your favorite light colored. This allows the parent to blend into the background, and the baby will grab the attention of the photograph. Your outfit does not need to be fancy, as it will become part of the background. Natural colored finger nails on the mom works best for black and white photography. We also have the option of an all-white backdrop, in which case either white, black, or even denim looks great on the parents. If you have a "vision" for a certain picture, we'll help you achieve that any way we can so please let us know what you are thinking about. Here are some suggestions:

-  Bare feet are best for all
-  Light colors  (cream, khaki, light pastels)
-  Solid in color and free from logos or printing
-  Fabrics with texture (denim, thick knits, linen)
-  Hair and other accessories should be kept to a minimum
-  Moms should wear monochromatic clothing 
-  Babies look best when photographed in
   minimal clothing, i.e. onesies, overalls, diaper, jeans

How long will my session take?

Most sessions usually take about an hour, but if you need to stop and feed your baby that's no problem, I always work at the babies pace. If you want to schedule a longer session just let me know when we set up your appointment and I'll block out more time for us.

What should I expect from my sitting?

The sitting is all about you and your family so the more relaxed you are the better. I will help in any way I can to make you feel comfortable and calm when you're here. The goal is to have some unique, spontaneous and relaxed pictures when you leave here, and I will try to help you be at ease in front of the camera.

Please bring one of your child’s favorite toy or other item that can calm him if we need, or become a prop in a photo. I am open to your ideas, and no two photo shoots are the same, so bring whatever you might like to see in your pictures. I always work at the baby’s pace, and this often times means that we break for a snack. Our studio has a  comfortable, quiet, and place where you can feed your baby.

Can I design my own print package?

Yes you can design a package that meets your specific needs, just talk to me about it and I can help you design one that will work best for you.

What happens to my images after I order prints?

Once you order prints from me, I will archive all of your photos so they will be available at any time in the future for you to make prints from. Just let me know the date of your session when ordering more prints.

Do you travel or do I need to come to you?

I like to do my photo shoots outdoors when possible. The lighting is beautiful and creates perfect pictures most of the time. If the weather isn't cooperative, I can shoot indoors as well.

When is the best time to photograph my baby?

Anytime, but the earlier the better! For newborns, we suggest that you plan an appointment within the first 2 weeks. Many babies get baby acne around the 3 or 4th week, and begin to get less and less "pliable" as the days go by. Great milestones to photograph your baby might be: Newborn (1-4 weeks); 4 months when the smiles are plentiful; 8 months, when the baby can push up on their tummy and sit up; 12 months, when a baby can sit up well, stand up, crawl and someitmes walk. I do have a Baby Milestones offer on the pricing page that is designed for this very purpose.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, and these make great gifts for Christmas, baby showers, etc and can be purchased in any dollar amount, etc.

What if I need to reschedule my photo shoot?

We understand that situations arise with little ones, so if you need to reschedule your photo shoot, please call us at least 24 hours in advance. Thanks!



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